Some days

You know, some days are just plain boring. It’s not that something in particular happens and ruins everything – it’s just that nothing sounds like fun.

We had the first snow of the season on the top of the mountain and although that was fun this morning, the fact that everybody posts about it on Facebook bores me.

On days like these the best thing is to go to bed and wake up happier. Or maybe hang out on Pinterest for a bit…

sara träningsglädje

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The best vacay in the world

Me and my boyfriend love to travel. There are so many ways to discover the world and running, or training in general, is one of them. He is into running races all over the world and I guess I’m into anything that has got to do with travel. I don’t have to run races, but I like to run.

The best thing about NYC is to go for a run in Central park. Hence I always want to live nearby. However, when we head to NYC again in November I will look into other ways of training. I’ve got my eyes set on soul cycle which I have not yet experienced. But what else do you think I should try?

While I’ll stay put in my northern ski village my boyfriend is soon packing his bags for new adventures. First off is a week’s training in Portugal before he will travel to Amsterdam (the Netherlands) to run a half marathon. In November it’s time for the NYC marathon and he has mentioned something in the Caribbean. I think I need to go too!

 NYC – one of my favorite cities.

boston marathon snabbafötter tv4
 Boston in April, my boyfriend is interviewed by Swedish media.

Cyprus international 4 day challenge 508
 I did a 4 day race in Cyprus last year, here with my Swedish friends.

Playitas Sara 8
 I went to Spain to train last november. It was hot and hilly.

ironman florida 2013 156 run karin
 My friend Karin did an Ironman in Florida and I was there as a sherpa.

Tromsø 123 Sommarøy
 2 summers ago I ran a midnight half marathon in northern Norway, this is my mum and dad who came with me.

högbo löpning
 Högbo, a paradise in Sweden, perfect for getaways when you just want to run, ski, SUP and eat good food.

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Season premiere

Things happen quickly over here. From t-shirt weather to thermal gear in like 24 hours. We went for a 80 minute run in the afternoon and I layered up with a hat and all.

My boyfriend is a speedy gonzales but we still run together the first few hundred metres before he takes off. We agreed to run 40 minutes in one direction – and then 40 minutes back home. That way we still end up in more or less the same place where we started off.

The feeling today was heavy – much due to a lovely brunch which lasted from like 1pm until 5pm. We spent the whole day with friend, which is exactly the thing to do when the Sunday weather never seems to make up its mind.

Just when we closed the door from our run it started lashing raining – so it’s also season premiere for our fireplace!

craft reflexväst
 Ny reflexväst i fluorescerande färg och funktionsmaterial – från Craft Sportswear.

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I love shopping online. A few days ago I visited Swedish online health food store called and this is what I bought:

1. Magnesium supplements. My body needs it. I ran out of magnesium last week and my back felt noticeably stiffer. I asked my ostheopat if maybe that was just mind games but no, he thinks is makes a difference.

2. Macadamia nuts. I’m not sure what to do with these – what do you recon?

3. Pistage nuts. I want to make pistage nut butter!

4. Goji berries. I bough half a kilo! They’re great to add to tea, on your granola, to smoothies and well, whatever you like.


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We had a long sleep in yesterday – which resulted in a late breakfast. My boyfriend and I have different taste in a few things, while he likes his bread white and fluffy – I like mine gluten free and everything labelled “healthy”.

I don’t usually drink juice (especially not the kind you buy in stores) and I don’t usually buy jam. But yesterday I had juice made from red oranges – and quark with jam on top. Oh well, I guess it won’t kill me.

In the afternoon we went to see the same waterfall as I ran past the other day, then we just hang out in the sun with friends. We’re expecting some bad weather coming up so we made the most of the sunshine today.

What do you have for weekend breakfasts?

undersåkers charkuterifabrik
glutenfritt bröd
danone activia pro

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