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Fast feet

My boyfriend – whose blog name is “fast feet” in English – ran Boston Marathon yesterday for the fourth of fifth time, and despite having an injured calf. He finished sub3 which I know he is very happy with considering that calf he’s been trying desperately to get fixed for the race.

I usually go with him to Boston but this year I didn’t. He’s on his way to NYC for a night as we speak and before the race he spent a few days with friends in LA. If I had been with him, there would definitely be more photos from healthy juice bars and acai bowls and that kind of stuff but apparently he just hung out at Muscle gym?

LA snabbafotter
LA snabbafotter
LA snabbafotter
LA snabbafotter
LA snabbafotter
LA snabbafotter
LA snabbafotter
LA snabbafotter
LA snabbafotter

Monday list

I thought we’d make this Monday a bit more fun with a – tadaa – Monday list! It’s not just any list, it’s a list with all the exciting things we have ahead, or that exist in our present. Go on, take it and use it on your blog too!

1. What do you look forward to the most this week?

To go to Stockholm and meet with a lot of lovely people!

2. Which blog did you most recently start to follow?

Stina. I just found it and I love it!

3. Will you cook something delish this week?

Yes! My brother just turned 25 and I’m responsible for the cooking. Help me! What do you think I should make? We will be around 10 people and I want it to be fun and easy to make!

4. Name one thing that you enjoy that you will make time for this week.

I will go road biking. The sun will shine and I will enjoy the feelings of freedom. Yey!

5. Which word do you want this week to be associated with?

Fun. I really want it to be spring now!

karolinermonument åre duved 01
sara duved 02

Running in backlight

Tonight’s run was like soft moments of constant shutter from a camera. A lovely April evening soon to become May. Sunnies on my nose and no traffic at all to talk about.

If you want to visit the beautiful loneliness where the sun never sets and where the mountains softly caress your inner soul, then you should visit Åre now and the weeks that will follow. Right now is a heavenly time when the days never and and the roads and trails are only yours. When you can sit by the lake and the sun is high on the sky even though it’s dinner time. When the only people who you see on the roads, running or biking or doing whatever, are those who train all year round because it’s part of life.

I love Åre so much during this time of the year!

sundpro åre hundsport
oetker pizza