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St Olavs Way

St Olavs Way is Sweden’s answer to El Camino. It goes from one part of Sweden, across the country and to the coast of Norway, covering 400 km in total.

Today I did a few km of St Olavs Way, a trail run of in total 11 km around a big waterfall called Ristafallet.

I had plans on doing 20 km, but I’m happy I stayed on track and chose the shorter version – because when I got back to the car the cold Cola Zero was unbelievably nice!


I biked to Åre

I love to live a little; I need the everyday adventures or I’d slowly fade away inside. Hence, it came to no surprise that I came up with the idea to bike to the convention Workout Åre in 2013. I lived in Stockholm then, and the route I planned was 650 km long. I did one weekend of training and then I set off, in May of 2013.

My adventure was well planned, I wanted it to be a fun thing – not something I’d regret halfway. Hence I planned my journey to five days. A randonné cyclist would do 650 km in one go but I wasn’t one of them then, neither am I today.

The word fun is just what I remember from my trip. It’s one of the best things I have done; I honestly had fun all of those 650 kilometres and that’s the greatest reward of all. I also had great weather which adds to my positive experience I guess.

I arrived in Åre two days before the big convention started and had plenty of time to recover before going to fun fitness classes together with hundreds of others. And next weekend it’s time for Workout Åre again. I cannot wait! This time I am one of the presenters!


Here are some blog posts from my tour, all in Swedish but you’ll understand the photos:

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Cykling till Åre maj 2013
Cykling till Åre maj 2013

On top of the mountain

I knew it would rain but I didn’t care; I wanted to end this Friday with some trail running on the mountains. I chose Platåleden, a piece of trail which has everything: trails in the forest and trails high up on the mountain where there are no trees.

It was chilly out there, 3 degrees Celsius is more like winter than spring (it’s almost June!) but we did just fine. However, when I got home I took a super long shower and made a few cups of tea.


Platåleden i Ottsjö