Apple health

The new iPhone 6 arrived on my desk today. It was love at first sight. I opted for the golden color and the smaller size and almost immediately found my way to new new health app.

Health is not a national trend – it’s an international giant leap, spurred on by the digital revolution. It’s about life changing devices and tools for those who are really sick – to counting steps, distance and speed by others.

In the app I can collect data from my Garmin Vivofit app and other tools – so that I get all information in one place. You can also create a medical ID. According to Apple, this is the start of a health revolution. I look forward to the future with excitement (I also look forward to the Apple watch)!

apple iphone 6 health

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IMG_3774 nutty hawaiian hälsokick header

Nutty Hawaiian

Do you want a real easy smoothie recipe? Here goes: blend coconut milk with macadamia nuts and mango. Add some agave if you have a sweet tooth. Choose a topping of your flavor. I added some goji berries.

It’s as easy as that. Over and out!

Hey, by the way, do you think macadamia nuts will make good nut milk or nut butter?

nutty hawaiian smoothie
nutty hawaiian smoothie

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Intentions vs. actions

Turn intentions into actions – I really love this quite, or “get shit done” which is kind of the same thing. Alternatively “talk the talk and walk the walk”, there are many variations of the same thing.

I have 2 intentions for this week:

1. No screens after 10 pm.

2. No snooze after 6 am.

That should not be too hard, right? What are your intentions for this week?

jörgens åre

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IMG_3885 inov8 craft sportswear header

The right gear

I have had a phenomenal weekend! My friend Annika arrived on Friday and even though I have had to work a couple of hours every day we have had time to do so many things! This morning we went for breakfast at Copperhill mountain lodge – and then I booked her on a spa treatment while I worked for a bit.

When I came back we hiked one of the smaller mountains. It was really wet up there because it has been raining for days. But who cares, with he right gear you you are never really wet or cold.

I have had my trail running shoes for years and years and I really should get a new pair but I simply love these Inov8 X-talon too much!

When it comes to clothes I’m a big fan of Swedish brand Craft sportswear. I was part of their campaign last spring – which is so cool.

craft brilliance

totthummeln runt
totthummeln runt
Inov8 x-talon

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Chocolate chia pudding

Mornings are less stressful when you make your breakfast the night before. I mixed coconut milk with raw cacao, chia seeds and a hint of agave syrup and put it in the fridge overnight. The next morning I had chocolate chia pudding in my glass! I topped it off with manuka berries, macadamia nuts and some raspberries. Now that’s a superfood breakfast!

chocolate chia pudding

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